About Ningiu

Ningiu is the Greenlandic word for grandmother, since I'm part Greenlandic and because handicraft reminds me of my grandmother and mother I find the name appropriate.

fredag den 23. oktober 2009

My Euro bee quilt top

September was the first month in the Euro bee,
and it was also my month too send out fabric and instructions
I received a total of 19 blocks from the other 11 members,
and added just one block from myself.
And here is the result, I know I’m biased but I love it!

I love the fabric, the layout, the colors and just everything!
In case you ask, my own block is the one in the bottom right corner,
there is close-ups of the rest of the blocks in the flickr pool.
Thank you so much too the wonderful ladies from the Euro quilting bee
Have a great weekend

lørdag den 17. oktober 2009

Swaps and bee's

This week I finally got some time to do some patchwork sewing. Time seems to fly by around here; there isn’t much time in between school, children, coocking and so on… So it was really fun to play with some fabric.
The first is a Euro bee block for Rita. She sent some gorgeous fabric and wanted a wonky log cabin, I’ve never done one before but it was fun trying.

The second is for the pillow talk swap, where my secret partner had revealed a love for hexagons, so I tried this layout, it’s been awhile since I did hexagons so the Y-seams where a bit tricky, I’m still debating if I should give it another try :-)

I hope your are having a great weekend


søndag den 11. oktober 2009

quilt festival

This is my entry for Amy’s online quilt festival.

My favourite quilt was finished during the summer.
I’ve been trying to take some new pics of it, but there isn’t enough light.
So you’ll have to do with the old one.

It’s a regular nine-patch that I made in Crazymomquilts-quiltalong.

I think this is my favourite quilt because it’s a colorway quilt (which I love) and because it’s made entirely of scraps from other quilt projects,
in that way I can recall other quilting projects when looking at it.

Thank you so much to Amy for hosting this festival, it’s such a wonderful idea!

And thank you for stopping by, I hope you’ll come back sometimes.


mandag den 5. oktober 2009

sunday stash

I know I'm a day late, but better late than never right?
I've joined the pillow talk swap over on flickr, and have been assigned a secret partner.
After a bit of stalking I pulled this fabric. I hope my secret partner likes it.
I sure feel in love with this combination.

I hope your weekend was good