About Ningiu

Ningiu is the Greenlandic word for grandmother, since I'm part Greenlandic and because handicraft reminds me of my grandmother and mother I find the name appropriate.

søndag den 31. maj 2009

an apple a day

Thank you for all the nice comments and wishes in the give away post.
I had a really good birthday.
I got to pull out my fancy shoes and fancy purse and went to a movie and dinner with Kristoffer, while my sister looked after the children.
And because we had such splendid weather I even got to wear a new summer dress.

Among many things, Kristoffer gave me these books that I’ve been wanting for quite some time. I think the “Doodle-stitching” can be the beginning of a new addiction… erh hobby.

The past week has also been quite busy. I finished some more nine-patches for the one a day quilt along.

I’m up to 37 now

I started a new quilt inspired by this one

I sent of a package to Sara from kindred crafters, filled with goodies as part of the coaster swap… Sorry no pictures it’s a surprise

And I’ve decided to join old red barns quilt along, where you can win a sewing machine!

And to finish this post, I got some Sunday stash apples for you.

Two from Jeniffer Moore, one from Sandi Henderson, and one from timeless treasures

Have a good day.


P.s don't forget to leave a comment in the SMS give away day post before midnight CET.

I will draw a winner tomorow .Thank you.

tirsdag den 26. maj 2009

Another little give-away.

Have you heard about sew mama sew’s may give away day? Doesn’t it sound great?
I looove give aways, I already got one going on for the Sewn blog launch party. But my birthday is coming up (this Saturday I'm 32 ) and I really love the sew mama sew blog.
I learned and got so much inspiration from that blog, and who can resist a give-away day, it’s such a good idea.

...So I’m in….

This is what you can win on my blog:
Two pocket sized moleskin journals 3.5 × 5.5 inch,
and approximately 3 yards black trim and 3 yards bias tape

To be entered in the give away just leave a comment in this post.
The winner will be drawn randomly on May 31,
so be sure to leave a comment before then.

Thank you

lørdag den 23. maj 2009


Donna and Sara from Kindred Crafters awarded me with the awe-summm blog award. Thank you so much, I’m so happy with this award. You girls are truly awe-summm!!! And if I could I would send it right back at you, but the rules for this award is that I have to list 7 things that make me awe-summm, and then name 7 other awe-summm blogs.
Well here goes;
1) I’m not afraid to try something new and exciting e.g. I’m going back to school in September where I hopefully will become a handicraft teacher.
2) I love to give presents away. ( I love to receive them as well)
3) I make lovely children
4) I easily become enthusiastic about something
5) I’m kind to animals
6) I’m considerate
7) I’m not afraid of buying new fabric

That was the hard part of this award.

And now the easy part where I have to name seven really awe-summ blogs.

1) Amy over at badskirt always makes me smile. And she makes some really cute stuff too

2) Malka from a stitch in dye makes the most beautiful quilts, she is very inspiring.

3) I just wanna copy all of Ashley’s quilts, they are gorgeous.

4) And if you don’t know Rita and Tokki from free falling, you should visit and see the lovely pictures

5) And I have to mention Katie from willy nilly, I looove her pictures and her amazing quilts.

6) Kajsa from syko, makes such lovely little art quilts, and you should swing by her etsy shop to se her art print

7) And then there is appliqué artist L.Jane.E She always leaves such encouraging comments.

And if someone else hadn’t already mentioned them I would have pointed out that Rita from redpepperquilts makes the most wonderful and amazing quilts and always leave the nicest comments.
That Christina from the sometime crafter has some great tutorials.
And that I love to read Amy’s diary.
I could go on and on, there are so many great blogs out there….Thank you again Donna and Sara, this was so great.
And for a grand finale (or at least a finale) there are five more nine-patches.

Have a good day

onsdag den 20. maj 2009

Retro cabin

I received this cute fabric from timeless treasure a couple a days ago. I bought it at Etsy seller “afabricoutlet”.
I just wanted to cut it up right away. It’s going to be another baby blanket.
I like the quick gratification of small quilt projects.

There where practically no wastage with this fabric bundle.
I love when it’s like that.
I also cut some extra 2.5” squares that I intended to use for the one-a-day nine patch.

But I didn't think the fabric matched the other blocks in the nine-patch very well

So inspired by this quilt, I made four patches to use with the sashing.
I’m planning on using brown sashing and maybe orange binding…?

On a totally different matter I have a question for you all; When I comment on someone else’s blog I sometime get a response on that particularly comment in my email, I like that feature very much but I can’t figure out how this is done… Do any of you know how to do this?

Have a good day

mandag den 18. maj 2009

Geese in the forest

Well I’ve decided to take the plunge into the paper piecing pool. I made six more geese’s.
I spent most of Sunday working with them, on and off in between lunch, dinner, nap times and so on.

I’m only going to use liberty fabrics in this one, because I think it will go well with the pattern, and give the quilt an antique look.
I’ve never done paper piecing before so it’s going to be a good learner

I’m not planning on being finished in August, instead I’ll make a bunch of blocks once in a while. So it’s going to be a long term project

(I guess it is no different than a lot of my other projects since I’m still having a hard time getting around to actually finishing them)

Have a good day


søndag den 17. maj 2009

Sunday stash # 3

This week I’ve chosen some blue Liberty fabric.
I love the feel of this fabric

I’ve been thinking about joining Twiddletails Geese in the forest project.
I made a trial block to see how it looks:

I like it… But paper piecing takes a long time… I thought that with a little effort I could catch up and finish with thee others in august,

I don’t know what I was thinking, I must have gone mad.

Maybe I can still finish in august.... 2010 that is.

Thank you for all the nice comments on Marie’s teething. She’s doing much better, and have returned to her normal happy self.

I hope you have a good day.


fredag den 15. maj 2009

playing catch

Just a quick post.
I’m trying to catch up on the one-a-day quilt-along



My favourite is the one with flowers and rockets.

I will go play some more

Have a good day


onsdag den 13. maj 2009

juicy squares

I’ve finished the square in square quilt.
And I really love it.
It looks so juicy and delicious, almost edible.

At first I wanted to make it bigger but there wasn’t enough fabric left,
then I decided to just make one more block
so there could be 5 rows vertical and horizontal

It’s 46” square which make it excellent as a baby quilt or a playmat.

The back and binding are from the same fabric line.

Otherwise there haven’t been much sewing around here. Marie is teething, so instead of being here usual happy self, she is crying and whining and just wants to be in her mothers arms. And as cute as that may sound, it’s awfully hard to sew with just one arm :-)

Luckily she’s only missing the next 27 baby teeth…..

Have a good day


søndag den 10. maj 2009

Sunday stash # 2

This weeks fabric is going to be nine patches for Twiddletails three by three swap

The dark blue is Jinny beyer and the other one is Kaffe fasset

I’ve also joined kindred crafters coaster swap but I’ve not decided on any fabric yet because I first want to learn more about my swap-buddy. So for me this week is all about swapping.
Have a good week


Don’t forget about my launch party give away linked here

torsdag den 7. maj 2009

Sunday stash update

So this is what I’ve made of my Sunday stash.
24 squares in squares measuring 8.5”

I’m not sure how I want to put them together yet,
or if I want more blocks

I think I will leave them for a little while before I decide

I also made a bunch of “one-a-day ninepatch” from the Sunday stash

I hope you have a good day.


tirsdag den 5. maj 2009

3 down...

I’m giving my self standing ovation, mostly because I’m tired of sitting down, but also because I’ve finished 3 quilts this weekend.
The quilts are very different both in pattern, fabric and sizes.

For the picture, I had everybody pitching in.
I’m sorry for the blurriness, the light were teasing.

Thank you for the effort pumpkin

The daisy chain quilt in fig’n’plum fabric.

The honeycombs quilt in liberty fabric

Hey.. what happened to the zig zag quilt in Midwest modern fabric?

Ah, I guess someone found a new favourite.

I hope you have nice day

søndag den 3. maj 2009

Sunday stash

This is my flavour of the week. It’s Sandi Henderson’s metro market. I really think the colours are bright and delicious, they‘ve been in the back of my stash for a little while but now it’s time for them to shine.


fredag den 1. maj 2009

Blog launch party giveaway

To celebrate the launch of a new sewing website I’ve decided to join the launch party blog giveaway.
Even though I’m in the opposite end of the world I think the idea is so exciting. And as a relatively new quilter I’ve been much inspired of Sarah Fielke and therefore want to help her give the website a good start.
And this is what you can win from my blog:
The first prize is 3 fat quarters from Paula Prass’ Flights of Fancy line

The second prize is 3 fat quartes from Kaffe fasset’ organic dots.

To win, just leave a comment to this post before June 8, 2009. Where the winners will be drawn.
Good luck