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torsdag den 18. juni 2009

two in a row coaster tutorial, part 1

For this coaster you’ll need 3 templates

- One 4 inch square, this will be your finished size.
- One circle 5 ¾ inch in diameter, or a circle slightly bigger than your small square.

- One 6 ½ inch square, or a square big enough to fit your circle, this is the template you need for cutting your fabric.

If you’ll be using this template numerous times I recommend you cut it out in template plastic.

You’ll need two pieces of fabric, one for the front and one for the back both 7 inch square, and a piece of batting 7 inch square. I’ll recommend that there is some contrast between the fabrics. In this way the pattern will be more visible.

Start by cutting out the biggest square in both batting material and in front and back fabric,

the backing fabric will be the rounded edges on the front of the coaster.

Make a sandwich with front and back fabric right sides together. Place this on top of the batting.

Trace the circle onto the fabric.

Stitch around the marked circle leaving and opening for turning.

Trim as close to the seam line as possible, I use pinking shears.

Turn and press the circle, remembering to press the openings raw edges inside.

Using the 4 inch square as guide press the circles edges towards the center.
Don't use the plastic template for this, only use cardboard or paper templates when pressing.

Stitch down the rounded edges, and voila!

If you are a bit nifty, you can make the edges in different colors. (and if you do it without a nine month old on one arm, you could probably stitch it better :-)

If you make coasters using this tutorial I would love to know.
Thank you

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