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Ningiu is the Greenlandic word for grandmother, since I'm part Greenlandic and because handicraft reminds me of my grandmother and mother I find the name appropriate.

tirsdag den 2. juni 2009

On the spot

I wish I didn’t like circles…

I wish that when I saw a circle quilt, I would do a little nod and say “Nice, but I’m more a square kinda girl” Or log cabin, or even triangles…..Sigh… But I don’t.

I love circle quilts in every shape and form, and when I see one I always want
to do something similar
But curved piecing is such a pain in the … It’s no fun, well not for me anyway….
But practise makes perfect right?
I’m halfway through this circle quilt (inspired by this one)
now I only need the counterpart with white circles.
I’m using this tutorial for the six minute circle.
Boy am I glad I signed up for kindred crafters coaster swap.
Look what my swap buddy Sara sent me.
A package filled with goodies, a magazine, a tea wallet tutorial with fabric and tea,
a picture frame, a nice card and 4 lovely coasters.

Needles to say I love it. Thank you so much Sara!!
You can go to this flickr group to see what
other participants sent and received

Have a great day


6 kommentarer:

L. jane E. sagde ...

Love the coasters and I totally hear ya about the circles. I love 'em too. I just wish they were easier!

stellamaria sagde ...

your circls looking great...
its a fantastic idea to take circles in a quilt !
many greetings

Kindred Crafters sagde ...

I'm so relieved you like your package, Isa! Enjoy!

It's so crazy, I was looking at the Lizzy House site today trying to decide if I wanted to take on a project like that. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous!!



Your circles are great! You just have to believe in yourself and you can do anything! I also really love the coaster you received in the swap. They are lovely. Lucky you!

Rafael's Mum sagde ...

I'm so with you there ! I have fallen in love with the quilt on the current issue of Down Under Quilts (free at Sewn, you probably found it) but am trying to resist..

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** sagde ...

Oh, I love the idea of a swap buddy!
I would love this...I'll have to go and check the group out.
My Dad is Danish...so..
Hej hej...
(I can't write Danish though-I wish I could:-(
You have a wonderful blog here...I'm off for a browse.