About Ningiu

Ningiu is the Greenlandic word for grandmother, since I'm part Greenlandic and because handicraft reminds me of my grandmother and mother I find the name appropriate.

torsdag den 30. april 2009

One a day quilt along

I’ve joined crazy moms "one a day nine patch quilt along". And here is my first batch, all blues this time.

I'm planning to make each nine patch of two different fabrics in the same color.

I’m using up the scraps from the color-wheel bundle; I really got good mileage out of that bundle: two whole quilts and a lot of blocks for a third. For the rest of the quilt I’m either going to use some charm packs, ore scraps from future projects.

I hope you have a good day, I know I’ll try.

mandag den 27. april 2009

Am I stacking coins ore laying bricks?

Well neither I’m afraid. This was supposed to have been a stacked coin quilt top. But somewhere my math went wrong and it ended up far too wide.

Probably because I don’t have a design wall, and instead I'm using my dining room table.

I simply don’t have the energy to rip it all up and rearrange them. I'll just pretend it was meant to be some sort of brick laying quilt, and give it to someone who don’t know off the mistake :-)



Now there’s five quilt tops awaiting me.And I still have scraps left from the color-wheel bundle, but I’ll leave them for now.

lørdag den 25. april 2009


Well, I was supposed to assemble some more quilts. I have three waiting. And I really meant to do it; honestly… But on my way doing so, I was lured in by these, just lying there awaiting my strokes with the ironer.

I’ve enlarged the pattern of Joelle’s color-wheel quilt so instead of 56 inch square it would be 84 inch. And I had to see if the fabric pieces were big enough for the template.
They were, with a lot to spare.
And then one thing led to another, and suddenly all 52 wedges were cut out. So I thought I’d just lay them in the right order. Aren’t they pretty?

Then I worried about getting them all mixed up if I didn’t sew them together right away… Ahem…
Well that was the reason I told myself (and others) anyway. It went so fast that I forgot to take any pictures of the process. But I got a pic of the finished quilt top

As all the quilts I make it is far from perfect. In this one the curved piecing was kinda difficult, it’s definitely not my favorite kind of piecing.

But it's well worth the effort

This print is one of my favorites , love the little birds

I have a good excuse for not finishing this one I don’t have enough bating and backing fabric.
So now there are 4 quilts awaiting me… And I really want to finish them.

But you know the scraps are already arranged in coordinated colors, and I thought about making a color way coin quilt inspired by this one. I’m a real sucker for color-way quilts, and it wouldn’t take to long to cut the pieces, and I could easily do some chain piecing… so it wouldn’t be time consuming at all… Hmm…Hmmm. Maybe I should just cut some of them.


tirsdag den 21. april 2009

Pondweed quilt

First of all thank you for all the kind comments on my entry to the quilt festival; it really makes me smile to read them.

I finished the nine-patch quilt and wanted to show it.

When I finished the nine-patch blocks I wasn’t totally satisfied with it. So inspired be this quilt, I cutted up the blocks and made it into a disappearing nine-patch.

The border is slightly darker blue than the ones used in the blocks; the binding is made of the leftovers.

The back is pieced of the original fabric and green Moda marble

It is the first time I’ve tried free motion quilting, and I’m quite satisfied with the result. Thanks to oh fransson and crazy mom quilt for their tutorials and explanations. It is also the first time I finished the binding in hand; it takes an awful lot longer, but also looks so much better..

I think the quilt resembles a pond deep in the forest with waterlillys and pondweed. Or maybe it’s more like a lawn with small puddles bathed in sunshine….Sorry if I get carried away, I’m just very happy with the outcome of the quilt.

Now if you will excuse me, I’ll go en assemble some more quilts.

fredag den 17. april 2009

Bloggers quilt festival 2009

This post is my entry to Park City girl’s quilt festival spring 2009. I’m not entering my best quilt because that is yet to come…. But I’m entering my first quilt ever.

Here’s the story: In august 2008 I was 8 months pregnant with my second Daughter Marie. Big as a house and in general discomfort, I couldn’t sleep at night, so instead I started sewing, and surfing the internet on how to make a blanket to cuddle my baby in.

And thanks to all you quilting bloggers out there I really learned allot, and came upon a pattern that was suitable as a beginner project. I know that I will continue to learn and get inspiration from you all, and that I definitely haven’t made my last quilt.

And now for the picture:

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you will come back and leave a comment once in a while.


onsdag den 15. april 2009

Bundles of joy

Look what the mailman brought me today….Isn’t it gorgeous?

Ever since I saw Joelle’s color wheel quilt, I knew I had to make it.

But knowing that I’m only a novice and not yet a Jedi, I ordered the color wheel bundle from Purl Soho.
And today it arrived. I love it, and I can’t wait to get started on it…..

The other fabric somehow snuck there way into the basket… Hmm… That happens a lot for me, I simply don’t understand how…

They are all from Alexander Henry. I don’t have any project in mind for it yet; I’d just thought they’d look good in my stash.

All for now. I will go look through those bundles of joy

lørdag den 11. april 2009


So... I pulled some fabric, and went shopping for some more.

I bought the wild bunch range from funquilts at a fare a while ago. I love the bright colours, but I haven't been able to find thee other colour variations, so I decided to use some Jenny Beyer blenders.

I especially think the bright yellow lights up the bunch, and matches the green fabric quite well.

I'm planning a nine patch quilt, with the dark fabric as sashing. I'm looking forward to getting started. I wonder what I did with my spare time before I started sewing :-)


Hello and happy Easter

I finished my hexagon quilt top, and frankly got a bit tired of all that piecing, so I decided to sew some clothe instead, and I thought it would be fun to try and sew a jacket.

Now I only need to stich up the hems, (after unravelling a decoration seam that didn't decorate)and make button holes.

Its brown cotton twill lined with Liberty fabric. It felt good to do something else than piecing hexagons, but now I’m ready to return to quilting land…..

onsdag den 8. april 2009


My oldest daughter Laura making a dress for her build’a’bear. I love when we have the time to make things like this together.

søndag den 5. april 2009

Quilts in the making

A hexagon quilt in the making, using Liberty of London fabric. I love the feel and prints of Liberty fabric, I never grow tired of looking at them.

Stacked flower coins quilt

A quilt for my cousin's daughter.

Mod sampler from quilt along

Here is my version of the mod sampler from oh, fransson's quilt along. I only had five different fabrics so I made the back different than the pattern.


My first daisy-chain quilt, I'm using a pattern from "Jelly Roll Quilts" author Pam & Nicky Lintott. Made from 2 fig & plum jelly rolls from the moda range.
Now it just needs sashing, backing, quilting and binding :-)

fredag den 3. april 2009


I think it is appropriate to start my blog with showing the first quilt I ever made. It was for my youngest daughter Marie. Now 7 months old.

It is a regular nine patch pattern, the back is pieced from the leftovers.
It's not a real quilt, since it hasn't been quilted. I didn't have the nerve at the time :-)

But here it is. The one that started it all. The world off patchwork and quilting really opened up to me with this blanket.