About Ningiu

Ningiu is the Greenlandic word for grandmother, since I'm part Greenlandic and because handicraft reminds me of my grandmother and mother I find the name appropriate.

søndag den 28. juni 2009

sunday stash # 8

This weeks Sunday stash is Sandi Henderson cherries.

For the time being I have no purpose for this fabric,
but it sure is sweet to look at.
And I guess that is purpose enough when it comes to fabric.
Have a great sunday

torsdag den 25. juni 2009


Look who came to visit.

It’s Peanut the wee elephant.

He was greeted with smile and laughter and hugs and kisses.

I think he decided to stay.

Hopefully his family will soon join him.

He’s got a wife (Hazel) and two girls (Almond and Acorn)

The big one (Almond) looks a lot like her mother,

but the little one (acorn)takes after her father,
they certainly got the same ears.

I wonder where I got my inspiration...

I finished my versin of Crazymomquilts one a day nine patch quilt along
I made 65 ninepatches, but only 60 made the final cut.
Now it just needs sashing.

I hope you have a great day


søndag den 21. juni 2009

Do I have a spot? sunday stash # 7

This weeks Sunday stash is all about spots.

Amt Butler’s full moon polka dots and
Japanese Honeycomb from Kei fabric

Kaffe Fasset spots

I used some of Amy Butlers full moon in this months three by three swap.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of Denyse Schmidt Flea market fancy, so I used some of that too.

Otherwise, the sewing has slowed down here, school will be out in a week, and I spent more time outside enjoying the weather.

I hope you had a great weekend


torsdag den 18. juni 2009

two in a row coaster tutorial, part 2

For this coaster you’ll need
- five pieces of fabric 5 inch square
- one piece of fabric 4 inch square
Fabric number 5 is the backing fabric, and fabric number 6 is the center fabric.

Press fabric number 1-4 right sides together to make triangles.

Lay the triangles in the four corners on the right side of fabric number 5.

Flip over fabric number 4, so that fabric 1-4 is visible

Pin heavily, stitch and trim. I use pinking shears.

On the wrong side of the stitched and trimmed square, glue or pin fabric number 6 and the square wrong sides together.

Turn and press the square.

Fold the edges and pin them down.

Stitch the edges down, lifting and stitching a bit under the next edge.

Repeat with all four edges, and voila!

If you make a coaster using this tutorial I would love to know.
Thank you.

two in a row coaster tutorial, part 1

For this coaster you’ll need 3 templates

- One 4 inch square, this will be your finished size.
- One circle 5 ¾ inch in diameter, or a circle slightly bigger than your small square.

- One 6 ½ inch square, or a square big enough to fit your circle, this is the template you need for cutting your fabric.

If you’ll be using this template numerous times I recommend you cut it out in template plastic.

You’ll need two pieces of fabric, one for the front and one for the back both 7 inch square, and a piece of batting 7 inch square. I’ll recommend that there is some contrast between the fabrics. In this way the pattern will be more visible.

Start by cutting out the biggest square in both batting material and in front and back fabric,

the backing fabric will be the rounded edges on the front of the coaster.

Make a sandwich with front and back fabric right sides together. Place this on top of the batting.

Trace the circle onto the fabric.

Stitch around the marked circle leaving and opening for turning.

Trim as close to the seam line as possible, I use pinking shears.

Turn and press the circle, remembering to press the openings raw edges inside.

Using the 4 inch square as guide press the circles edges towards the center.
Don't use the plastic template for this, only use cardboard or paper templates when pressing.

Stitch down the rounded edges, and voila!

If you are a bit nifty, you can make the edges in different colors. (and if you do it without a nine month old on one arm, you could probably stitch it better :-)

If you make coasters using this tutorial I would love to know.
Thank you

My first tutorial.

Getting ready for my first tutorial.... Yay :-)

mandag den 15. juni 2009

Sunday stash # 6 on a Monday

Yesterday just flew by, busy trying to make a coaster tutorial
and other little surprises for someone special.

Therefore I post my Sunday stash today.

Its Amy butler full moon polka dots in linen, and Erin McMorris sprout in green.
I'm planning on making nine patches for twiddletails three by three swap.

I've drawn a new winner for my SEWN give away, since my initial winner didn't contact me. I promise if you do Patsy I'll send you a little consolidation prize.

My new winner is number 26 Danielle. I'll contact you shortly.

Have a good day


lørdag den 13. juni 2009

Catching up and falling behind

I’ve finished the top for the ORBC quilt along.

I’m sorry for the bad pictures, but it’s pouring down and there has been absolutely no sun light.
I’m not ready to baste it yet, I need to get some more batting.
But I should be up to speed with this quilt along.

I made 6 more nine-patches making a grand total of 43,
I’m falling a bit behind in this quilt along I’m afraid.
I’ve been thinking about making it a lap size instead, but I’m not sure yet

Oh and I won library gal quilts SMS give away, yay for me!I haven’t heard from my second winner Patsy from the SMS give away. I’m thinking I’ll draw another winner Monday if I haven’t heard from her by then, does that seem fair to you?
Have a good day

onsdag den 10. juni 2009

making progress on Old red barn quilt along

I’m making progress with the quilt along.

I made 64 blocks.Because I used fat quarters instead of ½ yards,
I made each block of 5 strips making them 10.5 inch. square.
In this way there were less wastage.

On a different note,

you should stop by Tamara’s blog and read about why she named her blog ¼ of an inch.

You can also read how other bloggers came upon there blog name.

Have a good day


mandag den 8. juni 2009

SEWN giveaway

The time has finaly come for me to draw to winners for the SEWN give away.
There were 135 comments, and I used the random number generator to pick two numbers.

The first winner is....
number 129
Amanda who said
Thanks for the chance to win!
7. juni 2009 16:36

The second winner is...
number 84
Patsy who said
Your fabrics for the giveaway are lovely! Hope I win. I've never had any any Paula Prass materials.
30. maj 2009 17:18

I'll contact you shortly for more info. Edit: Patsy please send me an email with your address; thank you

Thank you all, and congratulations to the winners.


søndag den 7. juni 2009

Sunday stash # 5

This weeks Sunday stash is for old red barn's quilt along,
I finally found the time to start cutting the strips.
I had so many loose ends that I needed to attend first
(there still is but at least I got a few nailed – see previous post)

The fabric is 24 fat quarters of snippets by American Jane.
I think the colours are very bright and cherry
and I certainly found another favourite designer.

I bought the fabric at an UK based online store called quilterscloth
They have excellent service; I just wish they had a bigger selection.
By the way; remember to leave a comment in this post before tomorow
if you want to be in the sewn blog launch party give away

Have a good day