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Ningiu is the Greenlandic word for grandmother, since I'm part Greenlandic and because handicraft reminds me of my grandmother and mother I find the name appropriate.

fredag den 1. januar 2010

Happy New Year

I want to use this first post in 2010 to thank you for your thoughts, comments and support.

This past year has been such a great and creative one for me, I haven’t finished as many quilts as I had hoped but I’m bursting with ideas for quilts to finish in the New Year.

And I’m starting the New Year with some great new fabrics, that I already have lots of plans with.

Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley

LOVE and Little folks flannel

Monaluna Mingle

And this wonderful machine found its way to a very happy recipient on Christmas Eve. I already have lots of plans for that too…

And with that I wish you all a happy new year, and hope that 2010 will bring you lots of fabric, floss and fantastic quilts.

6 kommentarer:

Christy sagde ...

Happy happy new year Isa! May 2010 be your happiest and most creative year ever!

Donna sagde ...

Yay for quilt beauty in this post, Isa.

I can't believe how many quilts are being posted on people's year end roundups. It's frankly awe-inspiring! My goal is to have enough quilts to post a mosaic nextNew Years. . with the two I'm handbinding right now I will be off to a good start!

How long have you been quilting, I've been meaning to ask. .

happy 2010!

CitricSugar sagde ...

Happy New Year! I love your year's work and can not WAIT to see what you come up with this year - take care!

Megan sagde ...

Wow! Your quilts are gorgeous. I would be happy just to have made one of those quilts in a year...great job!

Rita @ Mochi Studios sagde ...

Happy New Year! I love all your lovely quilt creations and I'm so happy to have gotten to know you a bit through your art! I can't wait to see what you make with those beautiful new fabrics and new machine! Have fun!

Allie sagde ...

It looks to me like you had a very creative and successful year! Your new fabric and toys look like lots of fun to come!