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Ningiu is the Greenlandic word for grandmother, since I'm part Greenlandic and because handicraft reminds me of my grandmother and mother I find the name appropriate.

fredag den 23. april 2010

The tale of two quilts.

Phew the last month just flew right by; I can’t believe it’s almost May.
Even though I haven’t been around my blog for quite a while it doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking…
In fact I’ve finished two quilts… two!!

The first one is my giant hope valley quilt for my in-laws.
It came back from long arm quilting a couple of weeks ago, and I finally did the binding last weekend. So here it is:

I love the way the quilting turned out.
here’s a close up:
The other quilt I finished is one that I have been procrastinating for a long time. I had a hard time deciding on a back for this one, but then we had another screen printing class at school, where we were to design an ornament and put it in a repeat pattern.

And the perfect backing fabric was born.
I must say that I really love this quilt, both front and back.
Finally I’ve joined the urban home goods swap over on flickr, and here is what I’m thinking of sending my partner:

Aqua, red, linen placemats. I think it should be right up his/her alley.
Oh and by the way, I'm featured over on Amy's blog today... how cool is that :-)
Take care

9 kommentarer:

RosaMaría sagde ...

that iris chain quilt is wonderful! is a beatufiul gift!
contrats for the featured, that is so great!

PatchworkQuilting sagde ...

Your quilts are wonderful and ANYONE would love receiving the placemats!
GREAT job all the way around!

Nancy Page sagde ...

Love the first quilt pictured. Amazing quilting. All of you quilts are amazing. Good work and well done.

Have a great day.

machen und tun sagde ...

the quilts are just great, wow!!
and i love the placemats, too. maybe i am the lucky one.. :-)
take care,

sandandstarfish sagde ...

I am in LOVE with those placemats! And the quilts are both so amazing :) beautiful beautiful work!

prashant sagde ...

that is so great!
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Ravenhill sagde ...

incredible job! Oh, the first quilt with all that wonderful quiltisg is lovely as can be!!!

teaginny sagde ...

every project here is just lovely - hope to see you back on your blog soon.

Shauna sagde ...

I would love to do a quilt just like the one you did! Could you point me to a pattern? Did you use a fabric line or just choose your own fabrics? Thanks so much!