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Ningiu is the Greenlandic word for grandmother, since I'm part Greenlandic and because handicraft reminds me of my grandmother and mother I find the name appropriate.

søndag den 30. august 2009

Sunday stash # 12 quilt festival goodies

If you have nothing to say, you can always show fabric ;-)
Uptown fabric by Erin Michael, found at the Danish quilt festival.

I went to the Danish quilt festival this weekend, and was actually pleasantly
surprised to find some pretty good fabric stores.
I forgot my camera so you will have to do with some fabric pics
Hopefully your weekend was as good as mine.

2 kommentarer:

RosaMaría sagde ...

that's an amazing stash! i love lush fabrics!

Donna/Sara from Kindred Crafters sagde ...

Great finds, Isa! They all look so great together.