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onsdag den 20. januar 2010

swapping shopping bees

January were Monika’s month of the Euro bee, in she asked for squares and stripes made in the wonderful shirt fabric she had sent.
At first sight an easy task, but she had asked for it to be measured in cm, and even though I use the metric system for everything else, it was somehow difficult to use it for quilt making… Go figure :-)
I also signed up for the DQS8 over at flickr and have been assigned with a secret partner with a love for wonky houses…

I spend hours trying out different fabric for the houses, it was really hard to find a combination that clicked, the rainbow fabric came together quite easy.

I used lecien honeycomb dots for the binding, which I think frames it quite well.

I’m keeping the back as a (hopefully) pleasant surprise…
On a different more serious note, I hope you’ll consider shopping in the crafthope etsy shop to support Haiti; I bought two wonderful softie patterns from bird and little bird
And Sara (from kindred crafters) and her generous daughter Emily are selling the cutest onesies from Sara’s webshop frugal Adeline, raising money to help Haiti. Please go and have a look!

7 kommentarer:

angela sagde ...

Wow!!! That little quilt is amazing! Your embroidery really adds that special extra. Lucky girl who gets this one!

Melissa Stramel sagde ...

What a pretty little quilt! Someone special will get that. I donated to the Craft Hope etsy page too (mine sold already.) It was a child's apron.

Donna sagde ...

Isa! I can't believe you're done! It looks so great ! I think the rainbow looks perfect! What a cute quilt.

Thanks for mentioning Sara's daughter's onesies .. so sweet of you!

- Donna

CitricSugar sagde ...

Love the shirt blocks! I can't imagine how tricky it would be to do things in centimetres. And I'm Canadian. There are somethings that just make sense in inches.... Beautiful job - and beautiful houses!

Donna/Sara from Kindred Crafters sagde ...

Hi Isa,
Your quilt is sweeter than sugar! Love how you used the Katie Jump Rope for the windows...so clever! Thanks for linking to Em's Onesies. Yours should be at your door any minute now.
Take care,

maria sagde ...

Hi, I love your little houses. Your swap partner is very lucky.

prashant sagde ...

What a pretty little quilt
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