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Ningiu is the Greenlandic word for grandmother, since I'm part Greenlandic and because handicraft reminds me of my grandmother and mother I find the name appropriate.

lørdag den 25. april 2009


Well, I was supposed to assemble some more quilts. I have three waiting. And I really meant to do it; honestly… But on my way doing so, I was lured in by these, just lying there awaiting my strokes with the ironer.

I’ve enlarged the pattern of Joelle’s color-wheel quilt so instead of 56 inch square it would be 84 inch. And I had to see if the fabric pieces were big enough for the template.
They were, with a lot to spare.
And then one thing led to another, and suddenly all 52 wedges were cut out. So I thought I’d just lay them in the right order. Aren’t they pretty?

Then I worried about getting them all mixed up if I didn’t sew them together right away… Ahem…
Well that was the reason I told myself (and others) anyway. It went so fast that I forgot to take any pictures of the process. But I got a pic of the finished quilt top

As all the quilts I make it is far from perfect. In this one the curved piecing was kinda difficult, it’s definitely not my favorite kind of piecing.

But it's well worth the effort

This print is one of my favorites , love the little birds

I have a good excuse for not finishing this one I don’t have enough bating and backing fabric.
So now there are 4 quilts awaiting me… And I really want to finish them.

But you know the scraps are already arranged in coordinated colors, and I thought about making a color way coin quilt inspired by this one. I’m a real sucker for color-way quilts, and it wouldn’t take to long to cut the pieces, and I could easily do some chain piecing… so it wouldn’t be time consuming at all… Hmm…Hmmm. Maybe I should just cut some of them.


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Robyn sagde ...

Dear Isa,

You are a very busy girl *grin*
All beautiful colours!!

Thanks for stopping by the Great Hexagon Quilt-along.
I'm so glad you find our site inpirational.
We now have a new hexagon group too, so feel welcome to visit there if you wish.
This new site is accepting new members if you are interested.

Again, glad you enjoyed your visit.
Thanks for leaving a message in our visitors book.

Robyn xx

Natalie sagde ...

Wow! This quilt is amazing! I love the color wheel idea...I will have to try to find a pattern like this. Thanks for showing it.

Lisa sagde ...

Hahaha! You remind me of myself when I am starting a new project instead of finishing the one I am working on! (I have a big bag of quilt tops, but I just can't bring myself to quilt them.)

I like the pretty colors- this is a stunner!

Sarah Seitz sagde ...

Hi! I am planning on also enlarging the patter to make this queen sized. Does your quilt fit a queen sized bed? How did you enlarge the pattern? Thanks!

Sarah @ www.comeandseetheseitz.com