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Ningiu is the Greenlandic word for grandmother, since I'm part Greenlandic and because handicraft reminds me of my grandmother and mother I find the name appropriate.

mandag den 27. april 2009

Am I stacking coins ore laying bricks?

Well neither I’m afraid. This was supposed to have been a stacked coin quilt top. But somewhere my math went wrong and it ended up far too wide.

Probably because I don’t have a design wall, and instead I'm using my dining room table.

I simply don’t have the energy to rip it all up and rearrange them. I'll just pretend it was meant to be some sort of brick laying quilt, and give it to someone who don’t know off the mistake :-)



Now there’s five quilt tops awaiting me.And I still have scraps left from the color-wheel bundle, but I’ll leave them for now.

3 kommentarer:


Love the color graduation in your "brick laying" quilt. I would persevere with this quilt, I love they overall look!

angela sagde ...

I think it looks wonderful. The colors are great and no reason to rip them out at all.

Kindred Crafters sagde ...

I really love it lengthwise. It's so pretty.